*~Buffy Icons And Bases~*

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This Community was created to store Buffy Bases and Buffy Icons, anyone can join. So please feel free to post your buffy icons, or any icons Buffy related.
Before Joining this community please read the community rules.
This community isnt very strick on rules, but please follow and abide the rules we do have set down.
This Icon Community is for all icon-makers, begginers and experts, no one will judge your icons unless you ask them too.


1. Please stick to posting only Buffy related Posts. Anyone who continuesly post no Buffy related post will be banned from posting in this community.
2.Do Not Post other peoples work unless you have the consent from the maker.
3. Not Hotlinking
4. Please write FULL english. do not substitute words. eg. to for 2, please for plz.
5.Do Not take icons, this is stealing. Please comment if you are taking any. If you take other peoples work and call it your own you will be removed from the community.
6. No putting down other peoples icons, constructive critisism is welcome, but no nasty comments will be tollerated.

If You have any problems accessing this community or have any questions please contact Melissa (email address above).

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